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YABYLON provides its customers with experienced, eloquent interpreters for negotiations, conferences, meetings, training courses and trade fairs. Depending on your requirements, you can choose either a consecutive or a simultaneous interpreter.

Consecutive or simultaneous: YABYLON does both.

Consecutive interpreters provide translation with a brief time delay. The interpreter uses a special form of shorthand to note down the speaker’s ideas and remarks while they are talking, then passes the information on as soon as the speaker takes a break or the speech comes to an end. Events with consecutive interpreters may take longer, as each concept has to be expressed twice.

Simultaneous interpreters produce a translation in real time as the original words are being spoken. In these situations, the interpreter usually sits in a soundproof booth and listens to the speech over headphones. Simultaneous interpreting requires a high level of concentration. As such, each event usually requires two simultaneous interpreters working in shifts of 15 to 20 minutes each. Simultaneous interpreters prepare rigorously for the subject matter they will be working with in order to ensure that their interpreting is smooth and comprehensible.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to find out more about our range of services. We can offer you individual, non-binding advice on which kind of interpreting best suits your requirements, and put together a quotation tailored perfectly to your needs.

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Our Subject Areas

translation services berlin automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Technical translation of operating instructions, workshop documentation, product and marketing information, catalogues, websites and training materials.

Automotive Industry

language services berlin mechanical industry

Mechanical / electrical engineering

Translation of specialist texts, manuals, product specifications, performance specifications and patent applications.

Mechanical/electrical engineering

medical language services berlin

Medical technology

Top-quality, reliable translations of documentation, procedural instructions and manuals for maximum safety.

Medical technology

translation services berlin chemical industry

Chemical industry

Legally compliant translation of scientific papers, patents, agreements, studies and specialist publications.

Chemical industry

legal translation services berlin

Legal translations

Professional translations of contractual terms, terms and conditions, certificates, contracts, verdicts, correspondence, statements of claims, official records and official documents.

Legal translation services berlin

translation services berlin patent law

Patent law

High-precision, highly detailed, professional translation for patent law documents, PCT applications, patent lawsuits, reports and correspondence.

Patent law

financial translation services berlin


Professional translations of documents, reports and specialist texts for credit institutes, banks, accounts, stock trading, auditors and state organisations.


software localization

Information technology

Software localisation with UI texts to suit your target market, help pages, and product descriptions and manuals.

Information technology

marketing translation services berlin


Marketing-oriented translations of advertising and specialist texts; idiomatic expressions and turns of phrase for presenting products in foreign-language markets.

Marketing & PR

What our clients say

  • “YABYLON is a reliable partner for all our translation needs.”

    Drei Bond GmbH

  • “YABYLON is Matrix Communication AG’s main partner for the translation of all kinds of texts into Asian languages.”

    Matrix Communications AG

  • “Consistently excellent translations, coupled with fast, reliable project lead times, have made YABYLON our translation agency of choice.”

    Kastenhuber und Partner GmbH

  • “Competence, reliability and timeliness are extremely important to us. YABYLON proved more than capable in meeting these requirements.”

    Michalsky Holding GmbH

  • “In YABYLON we have found a reliable partner with a high level of expertise in the translation of a wide variety of subject areas and languages.”

    Innovatives Niedersachsen GmbH

  • “YABYLON is a reliable partner that delivers translations into a variety of languages for different media, month after month.”

    Gerresheimer AG

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